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Madame Olga

Mme Olga is a famous and powerful clairvoyant who, with her eccentric psychic friends, boldly decides to challenge the British Medical Association.  However, when Olga feels she is losing her power, her private life takes an unexpected turn. With its moving plot, mock-serious debate, touch of magical realism, wacky humour, and stellar SETC cast, Madame Olga that's unlikely to leave you indifferent... 

Script and direction Jean-Luc Hérin

Production Bridget Nelson and Steve England.

With Eva Wittenberg, Maura Walsh,Bridget Nelson, Sarah Miró, Agnès van Gorkom, Sylvia Ashley, Carmen Segura, Tony Ewart, Liz Atkinson, Paul Ritchie, Manel Jiménez Morales, Steve England

Sala d'Actes. Societat Recreativa Retiro. Carrer Angel Vidal, 17

Performed on 18 and 19 May at 20h00

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